What are the application forms of distributed photovoltaic missiles?

2020-03-21 13:20:22

Distributed photovoltaic power generation includes grid connected, off grid and multi energy complementary micro grid applications. Grid connected distributed power generation is mostly applied near users, generally connected to the medium and low voltage distribution network for operation, self use, purchase power from the grid when power generation is not possible or insufficient, and sell power to the network when power is redundant. Off grid distributed photovoltaic power generation is mostly used in remote areas and island areas. It is not connected with the large grid, and uses its own power generation system and energy storage system to directly supply power to the load. The distributed photovoltaic system can also be combined with other power generation methods to form a multi-functional complementary micro electric system, such as water, wind, light, etc., which can not only operate independently as a micro grid, but also be connected to the grid for operation.